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Where The Head Meets The Handle

All the way from stringing to shape to finish we want our sticks to provide players with exceptional feel.  In this video Ryan talks about the importance of a tight fit at the connection point where the head meets the handle.

For years we have used sticks that have a loose fit and force you to either apply tape or learn to deal with that annoying rattle.  Although it may seem like a minute detail, the fit at the connection point is something that we focused on with the Pioneer™ design. We have noticed that a loose fit not only puts more stress on the plastic but it creates inconsistencies in the release point as well.  From our research we noticed that heads with a loose fit have a higher break rate in the throat region, which was most noticeable when catching a hard pass.  It puts a heavy load on the plastic surrounding the screw hole causing the plastic to fail.

So, in short, yes the Pioneer™ has a tight fit and does require a bit of elbow grease to get set up properly.  However, once its dialed in we believe it will provide a more consistent release and ultimately a better feel.  Not to mention, you can forget about that whole tape thing. 

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