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Have you ever gotten a point blank shot from 8 yards out, wound up and let it rip only to watch the ball sail through the football goal posts? Lets be honest, it has happened to all of us at some point in our careers. This is known as the infamous “skyball.”

This week Sam talks about the basics of creating a channel. A channel is the best way to improve your consistency as a shooter/passer. What is a channel?  Well, the purpose of a channel is to create guard rails on both sides of the ball so the ball is released from the exact center of the head. When there is no channel the ball is allowed to move around the pocket which, as you can imagine, can cause some serious inconsistencies in relation to the release point.

In the 80’s, players improved their channels by tightening the two outside leathers in a traditionally strung stick.  When the 90’s rolled around and mesh became the top choice for players, it was all about using a “V” or a “U” shaped bottom shooting string.  Well we have come a long way since then and now advanced stringers are creating pockets that have a perfect channel before the shooters are even tied up.

There will be more advanced videos coming in the future related to channel creation and management. If you are new to stringing, this video will help you understand the basics of a channel and set you on the right path toward stringing mastery.

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