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We Don’t String Sticks For Midfielders.

We string sticks for lacrosse players. Our stringing philosophy calls upon our history of playing all our lives. We have played field lacrosse, indoor box lacrosse, outdoor box lacrosse, backyard lacrosse, beach lacrosse, youth lacrosse, pro lacrosse — you get the idea. We grew up with sticks in our hands. So when it comes to pockets our philosophy is simple…we want something with extreme hold, a consistent release and long-lasting quality.  There is a misconception that if you want a certain aspect, lets say a quick release, then you have to sacrifice somewhere else, like pocket depth.  Our patterns are designed specific to our heads and materials so that you can have a big bag for carrying with one hand & two hands but also have a nice quick release because of knot placement and string tension.  Our channels are thought about in the head design process because we focus on consistency and proper release point.

We looked around and saw many young players talking about high-pockets, low-pockets, shooters pockets, pockets for midfielders, hard shooting pockets, etc… We believe this isn’t the proper approach to stringing if you want to success at every level of play. Why not use a pocket that does everything great? We also noticed that some stringers were developing pockets for beginners and pockets for advanced players. Well, we just don’t believe that either. We want the first time player to fall in love with lacrosse, so when they buy a stick it should be ready to perform properly as soon as they pick it up. Why not aim to make the ultimate versatile pocket every time?

Sam Chidester Chief Pattern Maker

It’s this question that led us to develop the Powell String Team™ because, let’s face it, stringing is important! The Powell String Team™ is a group of inventors, innovators and stringing specialists that exist to create the greatest handcrafted pockets in the game. Led by our Chief Pattern Maker Sam Chidester out of Portland, Maine, the Powell String Team™ is focused on making sure that EVERY stick that you order from us meets our standards, is game ready and individually performance tested.

Sam leads the team because he stands behind our philosophy and brings years of knowledge and playing experience to the table. We call it designing to be forgotten. The Powell String Team™ wants you to play with confidence. In the heat of the moment the last thing you should be thinking about is how your stick throws.


Here is our process:

Step 1 Head Design

Our stringing process starts with the development of our heads. Stringing hole placement and offset precision are the two elements that correlate directly to a perfectly balanced stick with ultimate feel.

Step 2 The Materials

We offer the best pocket materials in the game including Throne™, Stringking™ and Hero Mesh™. Our offerings are selected based on high pressure on-field testing in extreme conditions. All weather mesh is the best choice because of its obvious resistance to the elements and therefore offers the greatest longevity.

Step 3 The Pattern

Sam Chidester works with the our research and development crew to develop the perfect pattern for each head that we design. Every knot, every string. As Chief Pattern Maker, Sam is responsible for chasing the “Ultimate” pocket. The one the head was designed for. Every specific knot and placement is thought about and heavily tested. The pattern for each head is developed, recommended and only altered to fit specific materials. The pattern is made to be the most versatile, consistent and long lasting pocket possible.2015-08-23

Step 4 The Test

EVERY single head that leaves our hands is tested. It is thrown and shot with to make sure that the release is proper and fits our standards before it heads out the door. (Don’t worry it won’t be dirty when it gets to the door!)

Step 5 We Listen

Our members are the best testers that we have. Once we design a head we get it in the hands of our most trusted members for feedback. We want to make sure that our sticks work for every player, at every level and every position.

Check out the launch of our Powell String Team™ instagram page.

Powell Lacrosse SticksIt’s In The Blood.

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  1. Just a quick question, are your heads good for face offs? I notice the throat looks very sturdy so I was just wondering.

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