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Are we talkin bout playoffs? Yes the PLL will begin their first ever postseason this weekend in Columbus as the teams will try to move on in the PLL Championship bracket as well as the 1st Draft Pick bracket. It will be the first year of their unique playoff system.

You can get a better idea of how the PLL playoffs will work by watching this video.

The MLL isn’t in their postseason yet, but with only a few games left to decide who will make the playoffs, the games this weekend will be intense must wins. Dallas is still alive after an incredible 6 game win streak came to an end and will need some help to continue their incredible late season run. Only Denver and Chesapeake are in safe positions, but need to win their last few games to get momentum for the playoffs.

Without further ado, here are the lacrosse games we are pumped to watch this weekend.

Friday 9/6

Archers (5-5) vs Redwoods (5-5)
Watch on NBC Sports Network at 7 pm ET

In the first game of the PLL playoffs, two 5-5 teams will square off after barely making it into the playoffs two weeks ago in Albany. Both the Archers and Redwoods have been up and down all season, but really came together to get the wins they needed when it mattered. The Archers have proven that they can be clutch at the end of games, but their best chance of beating the Woods will be to get a big lead early. The Woods crumbled against the Whipsnakes 3 weeks ago when the Whips jumped out to a big lead. Ryder Garnsey, Greg Gurenlian, and Eddy Glazener will have to have their best games of the year for the Woods to beat Tom Schreiber and the Archers for a chance at the Championship.

Saturday 9/7

Atlas (5-5) vs Chrome (2-8)
Watch on NBC Sports Gold at 3 pm ET

In possibly the first ever game played to decide the 1st pick of the entry draft in the history of sports, the Atlas and Chrome would obviously love to be playing for the championship, but must refocus on their new goal. The winner of this game goes straight to the 1st Draft Pick game while the loser will have another chance to get to that game by playing the loser of the Archers vs Redwoods game next weekend. Both teams will be playing angry after missing out on the playoffs. Winning the 1st Draft Pick will not be as meaningful as the championship, but it would be a nice consolation to redeem either teams’ season. This has potential to be grittier and entertaining than the PLL Championship playoff games.

Chesapeake Bayhawks (8-5) vs Boston Cannons (7-6)
Watch on Lax Sports Network at 5 pm ET

The Bayhawks have put themselves in a great position for the playoffs, but the Cannons are still in danger of missing the postseason. Boston had a hiccup last weekend as they fell to the Outlaws by a worrying score of 22-9. The Cannons need to rebound fast if they want to be playing in October and it will be no easy task against the Bayhawks and their deadly offense.

Chaos (7-3) vs Whipsnakes (6-4)
Watch on NBC Sports at 6 pm ET

The two top teams in the PLL will battle for a spot in the first ever PLL Championship in what should be an offensive marathon. Both teams have shown how dangerous they can be both on offense, but also in their transition games. However, Chaos goalie Blaze Riordan and Whipsnakes goalie Kyle Bernlohr will make it tough to find the back of the net. There are other factors that could come into play such as the leadership of the teams. Can veterans like Brodie Merrill lead Chaos to a win? Or will the Maryland alumni on Whipsnakes who spent their entire college careers playing on championship weekend find some more postseason magic?

Chaos is already taking shots at the Whipsnakes on Twitter.

Denver Outlaws (8-5) vs New York Lizards (4-10)
Watch on at 7 pm ET

The Outlaws are back on track after a huge win against the Boston Cannons that saw them back to their old ways thanks in big part to the resurgent play of Zach Currier, Mickie Schlosser, and Ryan Lee. The Lizards are out of the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to roll over and let Denver run all over them. They ended the Rattlers’ win streak last week and would love to play spoiler again by beating the Outlaws. The Outlaws might have too many offensive weapons for the Lizards to handle as Ryan Lee has emerged among a team of superstars.

Atlanta Blaze (7-6) vs Dallas Rattlers (6-8)
Watch on at 8 pm ET

This could end up being the most important MLL game of the weekend. Dallas finally had their win streak snapped and to keep their playoff hopes alive they have to win this game or else they fall too far behind the top 4 teams. Atlanta has to win this game as well to make sure they will find their way into the playoffs because it would be between the Blaze and the Cannons to see who gets knocked out of the playoffs if Dallas makes a run. The Blaze will be looking for revenge after the Rattlers beat them at home nearly a month ago. Can Dallas keep their magical comeback alive?

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Which MLL and PLL games are you excited to watch this weekend?

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