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How do you like your shooters?  One of the first meetings we had with Sam we talked in great detail about shooting string set ups.  First off, we all agreed how much we love how every player seems to have their own style when it comes to how they configure and tie up their top strings.  Certainly one of the coolest aspects of our sport is the individuality within the team concept.  Lacrosse is a very creative game filled with very creative people that enjoy expressing themselves.   Secondly, we arrived at a question that we honestly do not know the answer to — why are they called “shooting strings?”

These horizontal threads are responsible for much more than just shooting.  They also effect the hold, the channel, the rake and the release point as well.  The configuration, technique and tension of the shooting strings impact the entire performance of the head.  Which is why we wondered why just shooting strings? Why aren’t they called “passing strings?”  Or “channel strings?”

Anyway, we digress…here is a little video from our string team leader about our theory on shooter set ups. When we set out on the journey to create the ultimate pocket every decision was based on performance and feel.  We arrived at a simple hard nylon up top and a soft hockey lace first string configuration.  We only use two strings to help shave overall weight and balance of the head.  The top hard nylon is responsible for consistency and snap.  The soft lace is for impact reduction and a softer release.

We encourage every player to not only experiment with different set ups, techniques and tensions, but also become educated on how to repair, replace and tune up your shooters.  Sam will be available in our live chat sessions, Powell Base Camp, so be sure to tune in and ask him any questions that you have on stringing.

Sam Chidester is our Chief Pattern Maker and the leader of the Powell String Team™.  He is based in Portland, ME and can be reached @powellstringteam on instagram.



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