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Powell Lacrosse - Field Exploration

One of the main reasons we love making lacrosse sticks is the unique relationship between the player and this important piece of equipment. There are few sports in the world that share this bond between the athlete and the equipment. Much of this has to do with the history of the sport but beyond that it boils down to player preference and personal expression. Your stick, in many ways, is a direct reflection of your personality and your style as a player.

If you walk onto a field and you see a kid rockin’ fluorescent pink mesh with neon green shooters hanging six inches off the plastic you pretty much now right off the bat what type of player you’re dealing with. And, to be candid, that’s what is great about lacrosse stick set ups.

It’s been said numerous times in our sport that “the stick is an extension of your body”, so you want it to look and feel as good as possible to match your performance. So is there a difference between a forest green sidewall and a bright blue one?  Maybe not to the outsider but to the passionate lacrosse player it’s a huge difference. We’ve seen string suppliers introduce a huge amount of new colorways into the marketplace over the past couple years because of this need for self expression.

Powell Lacrosse - Field ExpolorationAs you may or may not know, we hand string EVERY single pocket that leaves headquarters. We want our sticks to be the very best and the only way to control that is to develop an amazing pattern, hire the worlds best stringers and offer only the very best in stringing supplies and accessories. When we launch last year as a company we were very aware that pockets were a major area of focus for us and a very cool one at that.

With this in mind we wanted to give our customers the ability to choose from a wide range of the best stringing materials currently available and get their new heads strung by some of the greatest lacers in the sport. So hop on over to our custom stringing page to learn more about the options and the process. A custom strung stick from Powell is an awesome way to blend world class function with high class fashion.

Powell Lacrosse

Here’s what people have to say about their custom strung Pioneers so far:

I absolutely love my pre-strung pioneer. I pulled it out of the box and started throwing on a dime. The stringing was perfect. I still haven’t messed with it and it throws perfectly.

The custom stringing is the best I’ve seen. My new stick throws perfectly. Love it!!!

Best pocket I’ve ever purchased in a new stick. Hands down.

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Get Your Pioneer Custom Strung

You can get a Pioneer head strung by the Powell String team with the Powell Pocket in the colors and string choices of your choice starting at $130. Click the button below to start designing your head and find out what the buzz is all about!

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  1. I Love this. I am so lucky to be in the south as the game explodes while having my roots in the the small forgotten area between Cornell and Syracuse. There are alot of parents throwing big money for any of those who are willing to take it. parents who grew up knowing that football was a sport and your hands and body are your weapons. traditions have very little root down in GA even with Ga Tech being a contender every season. my point being that stringing is an art and should be treated as such. with so many combinations of people I cant tell any body the one way they should have their stick configured so even though i have my favorite knots and pocket. the stick i play with is a girls shaft with an adapter cuz it was cheap and most like a woodshaft i had that broke. I like the slim feel in my boney fingers lol. but thats why i run a small business at tounrys because i like to let people know the things available that arnt necessarily in their face like Bigger named companies like SK, no offense to them but i dont appriciate the way they represent themselves as a way players should conform their play and stick choice to a Norm.

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